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also known as Friends of Anfield Cemetery

Anfield Cemetery is one of the largest in Europe. Our aim is to get it off Historic England’s “at risk” register and build an International Heritage and Visitor Centre by 2028.

Administered by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Number 1161476), we are mindful of the fact that ‘Anfield’ is a working cemetery.

Locate A Grave

Locate A Grave

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150 years of international history. Famous and infamous links with our past.

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From Tour Guide to Event Managing
Strong links with the nation’s social, political, religious, military, economic, artistic, musical and sporting themes, e.g..
The Titanic, Charge of the Light Brigade, American Civil War, the overthrow of China’s Dynasties, murderers and victims, LFC and EFC, Rorke’s Drift and three Victoria Cross recipients.

Patrons and Trustees

Patrons: The Bishop of Liverpool,
Lord David Alton,
Kathy Cowell O.B.E.,
Steve Rotheram (Mayor of City Region), Lynette Beardwood, Liverpool FC , Everton FC.

Trustees: Bill McGarry, Karan Lawlor,
Graham Marshall, Jane Little-Smith, Cathie Bradburn, Terry Cave, Stephen Done, Brian Dowling, Ray Beeton, David Prentice, Tom Bradburn.

Funeral Directors and Placing of Flowers

Offering a range of services


To Be Agreed


  • Headstones
  • Gravestones
  • Ornamental Work
  • Cleaning

Our Links with the Past

The heritage we are part of and the amazing stories Anfield Cemetery has to tell are nothing short of inspirational. They are not just local but belong on the national and international stages.

This cemetery is always so peaceful and quiet. I like that the it`s well taken care of and there is always nice grass and flowers. The people that work there do a very good job.
Thanks for showing me around today – that was so useful and I would never have found those graves without you. You really are the Anfield Cemetery expert. It was much appreciated and so good of you to give up your time like that.